Free Valuations

FREE doll and bear valuations BOTH days!

Our valuer Graeme Horne from Abbingdon Auctions will provide valuations ALL day, BOTH days.

How Graeme delighted a doll owner at Winter Wonderland 2008
“In 2008, we valued a doll for $12,000. We told the consignor we would have to dress it for them to get this sort of money as it was in a nylon nightie.
We purchased a complete outfit at WW from Fran Smiles and we sold the doll at Auction for $18,000 plus buyers premium to a Japan customer in our November auction.”
Graeme Horne

Is your doll or bear a valuable collectable?
If you have any doll, bear or collectable treasures that you would like valued bring them along to the show.
Graeme will be delighted to give you a FREE valuation.

Are you thinking of buying an antique or collectable?
Graeme will value the item you are considering or help you compare your choices.

Graeme Horne is a respected authority on antique and collectable dolls and bears. He is also very generous and happily shares his knowledge at events like ours.